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Texas Republic Notary Services is a mobile service covering Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, Galveston, Brazoria, and Fort Bend counties.

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Clients trust us for streamlined notarization, simplifying their document authentication, and swiftly meeting their needs.


General Notary

Swift, Accurate & Secure

We provide vital document authentication, ensuring their legal validity. We excel in verifying signatures, witnessing oaths, and notarizing various documents, from affidavits to contracts. Trust us for efficient, accurate notarization, simplifying your legal processes. Swift, reliable, and dedicated to your document needs.


Apostille Authentication

Effortless International Document Legalization

Simplify the complex process of international document verification with our Apostille Authentication services. We expedite legalizing documents for overseas use, ensuring accuracy and speed. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of global document authentication, making your international endeavors efficient and hassle-free.


Real Estate Loan Signing

Streamlined Loan Closings for a Swift Transition

Our Real Estate Loan Signing service accelerates your loan closing process—benefit from our expertise in handling loan documents precisely, ensuring a seamless transition in real estate transactions. We prioritize speedy completion, providing value and efficiency for lenders and borrowers.

Why Choose Texas Republic notary services

Premier Notary Solutions

Choose us for swift, experienced, and versatile mobile notary services, where we bring efficiency, professionalism, and convenience to your doorstep.

Swiftly Convenient

Enjoy the convenience of notarizing your documents at a suitable location and time.

Lasting Relationships

Decades of connections with banks, local and national title companies, and attorneys.

Diverse Expertise

We handle your real estate documents, power of attorney, wills, loan agreements, and other legal documents.

Active Associations

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"Stephanie from Texas Republic Notary Services made notarizing my documents a breeze. Fast and professional service!"
Alex W.
Small Business Owner
"I needed an Apostille in a hurry, and Texas Republic Notary Services delivered with remarkable speed. Highly recommended!"
Maria S.
Harris County Resident
"I've worked with Texas Republic Notary Services for years, and their expertise and convenience are unmatched. Trustworthy and efficient."
Robert L.
Small Business Owner

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